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What Is A Rehabilitation Physician?

Rehabilitation physicians are nerve, muscle and bone experts who treat injury or illness non-surgically to decrease pain and restore function. They treat sports or work-related injuries; muscle, tendon, ligament and nerve problems; myopathy; musculoskeletal pain conditions; stroke, traumatic brain or spinal cord injuries; amputations; and arthritis and rheumatologic impairments. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is often called “physiatry.”

What Is A Pain Physician?

Pain is an ever-growing problem in the United States, with many people unable to do their normal work or recreational activities because of pain. A pain physician treats a wide variety of patients suffering from different types of previously unmanageable, chronic pain. Pain doctors work to bring the patient to a functional level and set realistic expectations for pain management. Treatments are often tailored to the patient’s age, lifestyle and expectations as well.

Shane Burr, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation