Thank you for choosing The Physician Network for your medical care. We realize billing and insurance issues can be confusing. Our patient account representatives can help with questions about your bill, accepting payments over the phone and making payment arrangements. See our Financial Policy for more information.

Below are a few key points to help make the billing process run smoothly:

  • When you check in for an appointment with one of our providers, please bring your insurance cards and be prepared to provide the following information:
    • Insurance company name, phone number and billing address
    • Policy holder name, date of birth and social security number
    • Policy and group numbers
  • It is important that you understand your insurance benefits. Please contact your insurance company prior to your scheduled visit so you are familiar with your current coverage and insurance company requirements. If applicable, please contact your insurance company to determine if The Physician Network provider is a contracted provider of services for your plan.
  • Obtain a referral, if applicable, prior to your scheduled appointment and bring it with you. You may need to discuss this with your primary care physician prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our specialists. Know the limitations of the referral and how to obtain an extension or expansion of the scope of the referral if necessary.
  • If your insurance company requires a co-payment, please be prepared to make the payment prior to service. Services may need to be rescheduled if you are unable to pay the co-payment.
  • Contact The Physician Network Billing Office at (402) 421-0904 or (800) 203-1517 to make arrangements if you are unable to pay your balance in full.

Financial Assistance

If you have any questions about qualifying or applying for financial assistance, please contact our Financial Counselor at (402) 421-0904 or (800) 203-1517.

View the full financial assistance policy.